Biogas Weser-Ems GmbH & Co. KG
Téléphone: +49 4491 93800 341

Stand n°: 19-20 mars, Hall 2, stand YE55
Bwe – biogas weser-ems GmbH & Co. KG is a leading biogas technology company founded in 2000. Bwe has planned and built over 400 biogas projects of different sizes and configurations encompassing an installed capacity of over 190MWel. Besides Germany, we have successfully implemented projects in the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Czech Republic and Turkey.
Our biogas plants can run on waste products from the food industry (grease, flotation tailings, leftover food, municipal solid waste, etc.), manure or renewable energy crops such as corn, grass. We develop individually customized feeding and digestion concepts. Single-stage fermentation in the mesophyllic range (≈40°C) and long retention times guarantee an efficient process with high biogas yield and minimum substrate input.